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How to connect a digital video recorder (DVR) to a TV?

The DVR is basically a PC that stores the security video/pictures on a hard drive. Greater part of the surveillance cameras utilized today catch simple pictures. The DVR changes over these simple signs into computerized and stores them on the hard drive later pressure. Unless you already have coaxial wiring run you want to look […]

What are the benefits of Wireless CCTV cameras?

Wireless cameras also known as Cloud-based surveillance cameras. It’s increased in popularity since they may be installed anywhere in the home without the need for cables. A wireless video surveillance provides several benefits, including ease of installation, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. The most modern cameras record high-definition footage and save it to a DVR. Wireless cameras […]

Why Should CCTV Installation Near You Is More Important In Modern Century?

Technically CCTV knows everything. CCTV installation service near you every part of Kolkata is possible due to advertisement in modern technologies newspaper etc. CCTV installation near you in Kolkata is always needed because it is a well known big city. CCTV work by the cameras taking a constant sequence of images that a constant sequence, […]

How To Compare The Best CCTV Cameras With Price List In Kolkata

There are different type CCTV cameras with different brands have different range. If we want to compare the CCTV camera price in Kolkata and also all over India: CP Plus 2HD CCTV cameras comes first, Hikvision DS-2CE5ADOT-IRP camera comes in second position, Puffin HD CCTV security camera comes thirdly. According to the CCTV all three […]

Is CCTV Installation Service In Kolkata Available?

Why not? The city of joy contains all the joy and also key of it. The eye2eye surveillance is one of the best CCTV installation service centers in Kolkata. We cannot imagine what this organization is doing for the safeties of common people as well as VIP of Kolkata. Here we can get every type […]

City of joy: Remove Darkness

When we are in a tough competitions on the virtual safety today, our company not only thinking about the qualitative thing of a product but also the quantitative once as well. We have many happy customer who believe on us. In Kolkata without taking any kind of trouble you can just look into the website […]

Eye of a Metropolitan : CCTV Installation Cost in kolkata

Kolkata is developing now days in terms of security and surveillance. This is mush needed as well. Kolkata being one of the great cities in the country, its monitoring is not that easy. Hyderabad Chennai Delhi is the top three states in the country to develop in terms of installing cctv. Hyderabad also comes fourteenth […]

Easy Monitoring: The City Of Joy

Nowadays safety should be once first priority, whether as a parent or a business owner, a student or a common citizen walking in the streets. This closed- circuit television serves by continuous monitoring on anything a human wants. CCTV installation in Kolkata budget is obviously an important look before any other things. Most of these […]

Benefits of CCTV Camera Installation In Kolkata

CCTV is video surveillance which is use in video cameras to transfer a signal to a specific place like monitor. CCTV now a day is very much important for commercial purpose as well as domestic. The law of CCTV is to captures images beyond your property boundary, such as your neighbour’s property or public streets […]

Surveillance System Installation in Case of Safety and Security

At first, you have to know what a surveillance system is – it is an essential part of securing your home or business. We can monitor and manage any kind of business i.e., that is domestic as well as commercial purpose. This system can range from wireless home security cameras to advance alarms. We understand […]