The DVR is basically a PC that stores the security video/pictures on a hard drive. Greater part of the surveillance cameras utilized today catch simple pictures. The DVR changes over these simple signs into computerized and stores them on the hard drive later pressure.

Unless you already have coaxial wiring run you want to look for a Network Video Recorder (NVR) and IP cameras not a DVR. The resolution on an analog camera is just too bad to consider. At this time 3 MP cameras offer good value.

If you already have coaxial cable run you want a Tribrid Digital Recorder TDVR and 1080 P HD cameras.

In my business I do use a lot of Hikvision products. I am not a great fan of how their recorders operate however I have yet to see an easy to operate low end DVR or NVR.

I have installed 100s of cameras with very few problems and you will always be able to find a dealer.

By the way buy from a local dealer not the internet. Internet products are often out of date and hard to get support for. It’s also good to keep the money in your local economy.