At first, you have to know what a surveillance system is – it is an essential part of securing your home or business. We can monitor and manage any kind of business i.e., that is domestic as well as commercial purpose. This system can range from wireless home security cameras to advance alarms. We understand the needs of our customers have their individual needs. Whether it is commercial premises or a domestic ones, we have all those qualities to identify each customer’s necessity. Some requirements are needed but are not limited to:

  1. Observe so much to your cash registers and employees
  2. Keep all your surrounding and loved ones protected at all time
  3. Keep all your surrounding and loved ones protected at all time
  4. Prevention of shoplifting
  5. Keeping an eye on an unknown person or visitors scrolling around your place


The actual cause of installing a reliable CCTV camera is a practical move because security equipment gives you that preventative upper hand when it comes to safety and security. And mainly customer wants their own business and their families to become safe and sound, such equipment is a must. It is not only important to Install a CCTV camera, you also need to ensure that the products which should be trustworthy as well as good in quality. You should need to be well maintained by means of regular checks and maintenance. is proud to be the latest CCTV dealer of Kolkata and we are always there in your need as the latest surveillance system installation near you. system to notify us if any sign of trouble came.